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Where and how to sell my product?

18 September 2018 - 7:44

An excellent product or service can only be profitable if it can be distributed via the right distribution channels. Developing a commercial strategy is not always easy, and it is  easy in the health sector where there are multiple stakeholders and a restraining regulation.

The good questions to ask yourself

Do we need to sell online? Is this possible? If we work with distributors, what will be their margin? Do we need to give them exclusivity? How to persuade the hospitals? And what about the pharmacies? Where can my product be sold legally? And most of all, who will actually buy it? Who will, in the end, pay for my product or service? How to reach this? How does the buying journey work? There are plenty of questions you need to consider to be able to put in place an effective customer acquisition process.

Our experts at can accompany you in the definition of your commercial strategy and can put you in touch with the partners that can help you.

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