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what can be protected

What is or can be protected when it comes to my product?

2 October 2018 - 15:34

The question on what precisely can be protected when it comes to innovation products, is really a crucial one, especially in the health sector. The right type of protection is really what the entrepreneur needs when he wants to claim the property of his invention, when he wants to avoid that competitors copy him, and eventually when he wants to sell the rights of his product.

What is protectable?

To be able to identify what falls under intellectual property, it is important to determine what can be protected within your product (hardware and software components) and which type of protection is required (copyright, patent, trademark). Knowledge and expertise can also be protected if required. European regulations change all the time, it is therefore important to stay ahead when it comes to the protection of your product. It is also important to keep up with evolution of regulations in the market in which you are operating, and even more when you are developing digital products, that can be connected to applications or other connecting devices.

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