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Transform the EU’s healthcare policy with the European Commission

7 August 2017 - 13:36

The European Commission is calling for your contribution to promote digital innovation in healthcare systems!

Recognizing the increasingly crucial role of digital innovation in creating a more cost-effective, patient-centered and integrated healthcare, your input is needed to define and improve the EU’s healthcare policies.

By filling in this questionnaire , you – as health innovators and entrepreneurs – will provide valuable information for the Commission.

The European Commission is specifically seeking further information from health professionals and organisations about the following topics:

  1. Cross-border access and management of personal health data
  2. European sharing of resources for advancement of research, prevention and treatment; particularly in the area of rare diseases, epidemic preparedness and data for pharmacovigilance
  3. Measures for uptake of digital innovations, citizen feedback and patients-health care providers interaction

Take some time to fill in the questionnaire, particularly if these topics are of interest to you, your work and your clients. Your input will help inform a new healthcare policy Communication to be adopted by the end of 2017.

Your responses can be completed in any EU language via the online questionnaire. The latest to submit your response is 12 October 2017.

Visit these pages to learn more about European Commission’s use of the questionnaire responses and the protection of personal data & privacy statement.

written by Ingrid Silalahi