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The Brussels project StellaScreen wins the first national edition of the MedTech Accelerator®!

4 June 2018 - 13:27, MedTech Flanders and Medtech Wallonia joined forces to set up the MedTech Accelerator®, a 4-month program dedicated to boosting the development of MedTech solutions. While experts were guiding the projects in the meanders of the MedTech regulations and the sharpening of their product concept, regional mentors helped them identify clear objectives to be reached by the end of the program. In particular, entrepreneurs have been encouraged to swiftly meet the end users of their solution, get constructive feedback and hence, optimize the development of their device.

Five of the sixteen selected projects were from Brussels and originated from various fields, ranging from hepatology to dentistry, including oncology.

The winning project StellaScreen, hold by Adil El Taghdouini, speeds up the discovery of new anti-fibrotic drugs through the development of innovative in vitro phenotypic screening assays.
Thanks to an innovative dental composite and appropriate light source, Innovadent, provides patients with safer care and dentists with a faster and more ergonomic solution.
FeasyMotion eases clinical trials with affordable and portable motion analysis using mass-market devices. With an electrical impedance-based technology, the startup CellSine helps doctors offer improved and personalized cancer treatment to patients.
Finally, Kaspard promotes the mobility of the elderly while reducing the risks and consequence of falls via continuous information provided to the nursing staff by a non-contact device placed on the wall.
Meeting entrepreneurs with different backgrounds holding projects with various maturity levels helped these enthusiastic medtechpreneurs share crossed-perspectives, question certainties and grow their MedTech network at a much faster pace.


The next edition will take place in February 2019. Registration will open in October 2018.
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