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Developers of medical softwares, medical mobile applications,… are you well aware of the impact of the European Medical Devices Regulation on your business ?

20 August 2019 - 9:24
Until recently some medical software, mobile applications and other new technologies applied to healthcare were not considered as medical devices....

What are ISO norms? Is ISO applicable to medical devices?

2 October 2018 - 16:09
There are plenty of ISO norms (International Organization for Standardization) who, depending on the industry and activities, aim to define...

Does my product need to be traceable? What are my obligations?

2 October 2018 - 16:02
Medical devices are not standard products: they need to respect a set of norms before they can be commercialized. This...
ce marking

What is CE marking? Does my product need it?

2 October 2018 - 15:41
CE marking, in force since 1993, ensures that consumers use products that are conform to European Legislation. It also means...
what can be protected

What is or can be protected when it comes to my product?

2 October 2018 - 15:34
The question on what precisely can be protected when it comes to innovation products, is really a crucial one, especially...
how to speak about idea

How to speak about my idea or product without risking being copied?

2 October 2018 - 15:28
Whether the idea is still in the ideation phase or whether it has been concretized into a product, talking about...
IP money

I need financial support to protect my idea? Who to turn to?

2 October 2018 - 15:23
Having your idea protected is an important investment for which the return on investment, although almost certainly, only comes in...

Should I protect my idea?

3 September 2018 - 15:36
When you are an entrepreneur, confidentiality is important, it is even more important if your idea is innovative and if...