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Support service to innovation management

8 November 2018 - 10:06

Objectives :

  • Optimize your innovation management
  • Increase your company competitiveness
  • Accelerate your company growth
  • Better exploit your innovation potential in your company and within your team

Do you want to increase your impact of your innovation efforts and investments on your results?

Taylor-made “Innovation Management Services” helps you to get an accurate state-of-the-art of strengths and weaknesses of your management of Innovation. On this basis, specialized advisors certified by the European Commission will build with your Company an action plan to make the most of an efficient management of Innovation activities and increase operational results.

In a nutshell

“Innovation Management services” consists in free-of-charge 7-day consultancy package funded by the European Commission
The service is followed-up by a several-month action plan co-created with the company. Results are measured with beneficiary companies

What’s in

  • External evaluation of the Innovation management activities in the company
  • Benchmarking analysis with companies of you area of activity
  • Joint analysis of your innovation strategy, products life cycle, ideas management, key facilitiating factors, organization and innovation culture, etc.
  • Action plan development in collaboration with relevant experts
  • Personalized medium-term follow-up (6 months – 1 year average)

Eligibility Criteria

  • Companies based in Brussels with min. 10 employees
  • Aiming at going International
  • Get products/services/processes on the market for more than 2 years

Interested? Please contact Frédéric Suche