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Startups present the challenges for entrepreneurs!

20 March 2015 - 11:14

During our Annual event, some of our members had the opportunity to present their last year’s evolution. Their presentations took the form of short movies, where our entrepreneurs share some insights about their project, their achievements, but also the challenges their expect for the coming months (check them out here).

The presentations were followed by a simple question for our entrepreneurs:

Which change should be made in order to improve the entrepreneurial ecosystem?

Our entrepreneurs pointed out various interesting topics like the difficult access to bank credit and the need for a better collaboration between the regions. They also mentioned the need of pertinent networking events, a better media coverage of entrepreneurial success stories and the need of a mindset change about entrepreneurship in general. Some of them also tackled very specific topics, like the need of a legal framework for telemedicine and the difficulty to access regulatory agencies like EMEA and FDA.

You have some ideas too? Share them with us!

Watch our partners share their view on the sectors evolution.