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Startup Weekend Ageing Population was a real success!

20 March 2015 - 11:18

7 teams of new entrepreneurs developed 7 projects to help the elderly stay active and healthy!

And the three best teams were….

1st prize: simplifies surfing the internet. What a helpful idea for older people to disclose the essential information from a website that has a lot of unnecessary information and a complex structure. This, while maintaining consistency and brand image. The IT tool box developped by adapts to all websites and creates a standardized form of navigation.

2nd prize: Energ’Aid

The goal of Energ’Aid is to empower elder persons to take care of their health. By playing on three strategic fields – food hygiene, movement and sleep – virtual coaches help the older person to maintain their shape. Via this online educational platform, seniors receive useful customized information about their diet, sleep pattern and exercises they could do to stay in shape.

3rd prize: SPACEFiTguru

Imagine a personal fitness coach offering a customized program developed with medical professionals. With a simple, ultra-connected App (phone, kinect, TV, …), the elder person may at any time start doing a few minutes of exercice,  while reading,  waiting in line,… Each connection is shared with a community created by the elderly, children, doctor, …