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Patient Empowerment through the eyes of Yagram

20 March 2015 - 10:54

Patient empowerment is a process where patients gain control over their health condition and more largely over their life, increasing their capacity to act on issues that they define as important themselves. But how is Patient Empowerment perceived by our members, that make this evolution possible?

Patient empowerment, essentially, is a health care philosophy where patients are seen as active participants in therapy instead of merely passive recipients of care. At Yagram, we support this important paradigm shift in the medical sector. We believe that health care today, albeit delivered in a scientifically correct way, often fails to understand the lifestyle and psychology of patients in the field.

There are many inspiring avenues to create new capabilities for both care providers and patients to manage health. Patient-centric care is the answer to rising patient expectations for better and more personalized services. But how can care teams effectively and effortlessly personalize a treatment? And how do you really involve patients in this process? Everything starts with adequately informing patients or so-called “therapeutic education”. Therapeutic education informs patients (and their families or direct environment) on the exact nature of illnesses and health risks and allows them to acquire and maintain necessary skills (both physical and mental) to facilitate treatment, guidance and prevention. But how can care teams deliver such vast amounts of information given their time constraints? And how do we make sure that patients get this information in a way that is a lot more user friendly – for instance, when they feel comfortable enough to fully absorb it? These are all challenges that we tackle on a daily basis at Yagram.

Yagram believes that mobile technology, with unprecedented possibilities of smart applications and user experience, is definitely a substantial part of the answer to the questions above. In fact, we feel that innovative digital solutions can humanize the treatment, guidance and prevention processes and, in fact, turn health care into human care. That is our exact mission: humanizing health care. To succeed in our mission, we specialize in co-designing solutions together with care providers and patient groups in the field. We realize we have to tackle these big challenges one at a time. Therefore, we are very eager to learn and are always open to new research projects or partnerships. As a digital health company, we bring the technology – ICT architects, lead developers, etc. – and creative ideas. The question is: what can you bring to us?