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Patient Empowerment through the eyes of Marjore

20 March 2015 - 10:48

Patient empowerment is a process where patients gain control over their health condition and more largely over their life, increasing their capacity to act on issues that they define as important themselves. But how is Patient Empowerment perceived by our members, that make this evolution possible?

Patient empowerment. A term widely used and discussed in temporary times. As a person living with diabetes, and patient entrepreneur, I should be able to describe this phenomenon easily.
Yet I must admit that this expression is shadowy for me.

I believe in the necessity of it in current fast paced healthcare systems and foremost as a personal tool to protect your rights as a patient. The fifth of February I’ve presented amongst four other start-ups at the workshop “Patient engagement and empowerment” organized by lifetech Brussels. It was great to melt together both academical point of view and the real life experience of start-ups in this field.

When working to improve patient empowerment & engagement, which both go hand in hand, it’s important to know your goal as a start-up. As patient empowerment is fuzzy it challenged us at Marjore. After performing a market research various key findings came forth. The most important one was the indication that patient and healthcare professional both wish to spend more time together and improve their relationship. The patient also wants to be heard in hospital management as user of the system. The next question mark was how.

As a young start-up in the field of diabetes care, chronic care, we find it imperative to create time for people. A patient can’t perform medical handlings & decisions itself. The empowerment and engagement cannot be transferred through pc screens and phones.
Human touch is necessary in chronic care. This was confirmed in our conclusion from our market research.

Optimizing diabetes care is creating time for people. This is what we do.

Tasks which require a lot of time, and are the based upon same algorithms in different patients, are handled by us. This way healthcare professionals don’t have to hover through papers and medical filling in order to get a good image of the current health state and therapy adherence of the patient in front of them. They have time to focus on the individual.

Our analysis gets presented to the endocrinologist upon three papers, easy to read. Time created by making the analysis more efficient can be given back to the patient immediately. Patients indicated in our survey that they wish to get more social support from their healthcare team. The relationship, between patient and physician, grows stronger by creating time for people and this way personalized advice can be offered to the patient by better understanding their current situation.

We won’t only improve patients’ experience of healthcare but as well job satisfaction from healthcare professionals.

Interested to get a more profound explanation on Marjore, don’t hesitate to contact them.