Intellectual property

22 January 2015 - 13:59

Intellectual Property is a collection of legal rights that provide control over the availability and use of skills, creativity, resources and technology and gives the owner or his licensee a competitive advantage. To the contrary of what is generally believed, IP is not limited to patent applications. There are many other IP rights, protecting different types of creations.

Overview of Intellectual Property rights

Legal rights What for? How?
Patents New inventions Application and examination
Copyright © Original creative or artistic forms Exists automatically
Trade marks ™/® Distinctive identification of products or services Use and/or registration
Registered designs External appearance Registration
Trade secrets Valuable information not known to the public Reasonable efforts to keep secret


Since IP can be one of the sources of your competitive advantage, it should not be overlooked. It is essential to protect your IP, but also to optimize the exploitation of these rights by others.  However, the process of protecting your IP right is time and resource consuming. Therefore, can support you trough this process. We can :

  • give you a first overview on the aspects you should be  aware of if you want to consolidate this competitive advantage based on IP
  • bring you in contact with of experts who belong to our network
  • help you identify sources of funding to finance your IP.

For instance, the Brussels Capital Region supports you in the protection of your IP

Furthermore, Belgium has a particularly favorable tax regime for companies active in Research and Development activities and protecting their intellectual property.

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