22 January 2015 - 13:58

Different sources of funding to develop your lifetech project are available in the Brussels Capital Region. The first step is to identify what you need to finance. The source of funding to finance a new office may not be the same as the type of financing required to finance an Research & Development project.  In parallel, you should also try to well estimate your financing needs. We strongly advise you to make a complete financial plan based on sound assumptions.

You would like to discuss you financial plan with one of our experts? Plan a meeting here.

Once  your needs are defined, there are different funding possibilities.

You will find an first overview of these below.

Moreover, our experts  can help you identify the possibilities that are most appropriated to your project’s phase and topic.

Specific funding for lifetech projects:
Starting your project/risk capital or loan: Caring entrepreneurship fund

Research funding or starting your project by developing new diagnosis and prevention tools against cancer: Fondation Fournier Majoie

Additional useful link:

You know other sources of funding that could be relevant for our members? Do not hesitate to contact us (lien vers contact).

[1] The list is not exhaustive, for more information, please contact one of our experts.