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OneBonsai builds a First Aid Training in Virtual Reality

31 May 2017 - 8:12

OneBonsai: First Aid Training in Virtual Reality

What if you could do a complete First Aid Training in Virtual Reality ?

A virtual teacher explains and demonstrates the good reflexes and actions to undertake in which order. These actions allow you to avoid a second incident, move the victim in case of emergency, read his vital signs, act in case of bleeding, wound or burn, head trauma, and so on.

Once trained, you are  immersed in a realistic emergency situation in Virtual Reality. You will learn by doing. It’s your turn to act according to your training. Your mistakes are pointed out to you and you will replay the scenario until you get it right.

Why bother ?

On one side, if there are more people trained in first aid, the better it is for healthcare. More people will be capable of acting as first intervention in the chain of aid. On the other side, too few people are trained in Europe.

This experience will not replace an official training provided by a professional organism. But it is immensely more useful than having no training at all. Virtual Reality let’s the user learn by living an emergency situation. This provides a very deep level of assimilation making him much more likely to react accordingly when faced with a real life situation.

Who are we ?

OneBonsai is a Brussels based agency creating Virtual Reality experiences.

Our particularity is our scientific approach to designing and building Virtual Reality applications. We are civil engineers working collaboratively with scientists and specialists in their field. The result is a VR experience that is as relevant and useful as possible. The applications we are busy working on are destined for use in an array of industries : construction, architecture, firefighting, interior design and healthcare.

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