Yves Cariou

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Address : Rue du Lombard, , 32 - 1000 Brussels
Phone : 0032 2350 9977
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Since 2009, I am committed to bring the best in class analysis and strategic recommendations, to innovators and companies seeking to design
optimal market access for their innovative healthcare products (e.g. orphan drugs, interventional medical devices, imaging equipment,
monitoring services…). My track record encompasses development of tailored solutions for clients with needs such as:
· Commercialization plan and business model development
· Clinical development plan validation
· Clinical and Economical value testing to sustain positive Health Technology Assessment (HTA)
· Tailored market access sequence definition for breakthrough technologies
· Coding, coverage, listing and adoption tools / dossier development
· Pricing analysis and peak sales optimization
· Grant and fund raising

I manage engagements according to targeted questions and refined hypothesis established according to client’s individual needs. I am able
to leverage my industry knowledge and to feed my analysis with the support of a network of worldwide expert, partners and information
providers, allowing provision of tailored recommendations for clients with multiple perspectives and expectations:
· Innovators requiring support to develop a business model for valuating their healthcare technology / platform
· Start-ups seeking pricing sensitivity analysis and reimbursement opportunities evaluations
· Bio-pharmaceutical or Medtech companies aiming at developing a worldwide or regional entry strategy
· Investors looking at market forecasts, risk analysis and technology assessment before investment decision…