Address : Rue Auguste Piccard, 48 - 6041 Gosselies
E-mail : amattiuzzi@x4c.eu
Website : www.x4c.eu
Contact person : Alice Mattiuzzi
Phone : 02/650.24.74
Vat : BE 0659.781.033

X4C (www.x4c.eu) develops an innovative surface coating technology that lead to a very stable and controlled organic monolayer (Monocal Coating). Our technology can be applied to any type of surface (conductive, semiconducting, insulating) and on any type of shape (flat surface, nanoparticles,…). In addition, this monolayer can be easily post-functionalized by molecules or biomolecules in order to bring a new property to the surface such as antifouling, detection system, hemocompatibility, biocompatibility, lubricity. Moreover, different chemical or biochemical entities can be simulaneously introduced in a controlled way onto the surface, leading to a multifunctional surface that can display different properties at the same time. Compared to other surface modification techniques such as thiols chemisorption or physical adsorption, X4C technology leads to a much more stable monolayer, is much more versatile and offers many additional possibilities.

Our technology can be used in many fields of application, but now we have focused on (bio)sensing, diagnostics and medical devices.

In terms of offering, X4C proposes a 3-step approach:

  • feasibility study with a standard Monocal Coating on the surfaces chosen by the partner;
  • development of specific Monocal Coatings on these surfaces;
  • license rights to further use the technology.