VUB TechTransfer

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Contact person : Jacky Boonen
Phone : +32 2 629 22 07

Innovation Center in the Heart of Brussels

The VUB – Vrije Universiteit Brussel – is a Flemish university known for its high level education and independent research. The VUB is situated in Brussels, the heart of Europe, international  decision center and talent  pool. The VUB counts almost 19.000 students and more than 190 research groups involving over 2,600 academic and scientific employees.

Connecting Science and Society

VUB’s research is conducted with a strong motivation to positively impact society and enable technological innovation.  The commercial application of promising technologies developed by our research teams is facilitated by VUB TechTransfer. This multidisciplinary team supports the process leading from scientific discovery and exploration of new knowledge up to invention and development. The ambition of VUB TechTransfer is to play an increasingly prominent role in attracting and initiating economic activity in Brussels and the Flanders Region: by taking care of the VUB’s knowledge transfer, business development and industrial collaboration. It also ensures that revenues are reinvested in an ecosystem of excellent researchers. The VUB (co-)owns nearly 150 patent families. More than 35 spin-off companies active today, originate from the university.

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