Address : Rue du val d’or, 22 - 92150 Suresnes
E-mail : thomas@vr4good.fr
Website : www.vr4good.fr
Contact person : Mr. Thomas Levassor
Phone : 33615453023
Vat : FR 16 881355549

VR4GOOD aims at bringing a simple, efficient, non addictive digital solution to those in pain or suffering from isolation.

The VR4GOOD product line is based on immersive technology and is the first to use premium Virtual Reality real footages. The power of immersion given to the natural beneficial effect of watching scenes of Nature or Art immediately extracts the user from his/her condition, allowing him/her to instantly de-focus from pain sensations.

The primary target is the healthcare institutions in a curation mode, with a focus on hospitals and senior residences. A secondary target is the corporate HR department and Insurance services, in a prevention mode.

The existing product is based on a stand-alone VR headset and a start-and-watch application that fits in all IT configurations.

The next generation of product will consist in a global platform, allowing to remotely manage the headsets and their VR applications, all with a minimal – if not null – impact on the healthcare institutions IT’s configuration.

The VR4GOOD product is already commercialized in several institutions in France, 2 clinical studies are on-going and contacts have been established with European hospitals and Californian VR Medicine specialists.