Thread & Lift

Address : Clos Chapelle-aux-Champs, 30 - 1200 Brussels
Contact person : Foumenteze Vincent
Phone : 0468387297
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Vat : BE 0556 976 077

Thread and lift is a Medical device laboratory specialized in the Aesthetic field and most specifically thread lifting. Our product allows a medical facelift without surgery, with sustainable and natural outcome for the patient victim of subcutaneous tissue lowering. This device, always reversible, meets expectations of the modern patient since it is made without general anesthesia, with discretion and ensures minimal social withdrawal. We serve patients around the world, too young to accept the surgical alternative but also aware of the objective limit of the simple filler injections.

Our customers are surgeons and physicians specialized in the field of aesthetics.

The Thread & Lift offer is not limited to our product. It goes further by offering a complete solution in the service of healthcare professionals.

First through the most advanced existing training, free and including theoretical presentation and practical 4 hands interventions, head to head with our expert Dr. Jean-Paul Foumentèze (Teacher at the Paris Faculty of Medicine, French specialist of tensor threads for 10 years and having completed over 400 medical facelift). Because the best thread of the world could not produce anything good without the right set up technique and because it is too often rejected in favor of more simplistic alternatives.

Then through a wide range of services, designed following the results of a study conducted by Thread & Lift with nearly 50 surgeons worldwide in 2014.

Eventually, by offering our customers a different laboratory, nourished by the values ​​of transparency, excellence and scientific truth, far from the trapping marketing.

Our ambition is not to be one more supplier for our customers, but a strong and useful partner in their development.