Address : Pleinlaan,, 2 - 1050 Brussels
E-mail : rik.van.heijningen@vub.be
Contact person : Rik Van Heijningen
Phone : +31651550676

We intent to disrupt the optical imaging market by enabling fluorescence lifetime (FLT) based imaging of biological materials, cells, tissues, organs in life sciences. For this we are designing and developing, will manufacture and market a first-generation CAPS based FLT camera developed at the VUB.

We plan to spin-out Taurion from the VUB and develop the hardware that is needed to enable real-time in vivo FLT imaging in the NIR region and will develop the time-domain models and software that can extract and objectify the biological information and integrate these into compete working imaging instruments for life sciences and in vivo preclinical research systems. Taurion will pioneer the development of a next-generation platform capable of revealing real-time new and more accurate information related to diseases in biological models through the innovative FLT imaging technology. The time-domain or lifetime element of fluorescent light has the potential to disclose a wealth of new, valuable biological information when it’s application and coupled to the right dyes, probes and supported by smart and user-friendly software.
In life science research and clinical translation of drugs, preclinical optical imaging is an established and growing field. In the clinic and in personalized medicine, there is a growing need for safe diagnostic tools that can interrogate molecular and/or (patho) physiological parameters in real-time for immediate feedback during medical interventions or for continuous health monitoring. Among other modalities optical imaging is a promising real time possibility in combination with NIR fluorescence molecular tracers. In the coming years the develop of the NIR fluorescence lifetime imaging into the clinical application of Fluorescence Guided Surgery (FGS) will take place at the VUB. This technology that can provide, in combination with dyes, probes and the right algorithms; anatomical, functional, metabolic or molecular information in real-time and as such be at the forefront of in vivo patient imaging.

Our Vision: Pioneer real-time NIR time-domain fluorescence imaging in the life sciences and clinical applications.