Talos Health Solutions

Talos Health Solutions
Address : Avenue Louise , 327 - 1050 Brussels
E-mail : aletoux@talosmail.com
Website : www.taloshealthsolutions.com
Contact person : Anne Le Toux
Phone : 0499717232
Vat : BE0841599219

Talos Health Solutions, the e-congress solution dedicated to healthcare

Talos Health Solutions is a new and independent player in public healthcare.
– We produce educational web-events exclusively for healthcare professionals, caregivers
or patients to improve healthcare standards and the lives of patients around the world.
– We increase awareness in disease and disease management, with independent
information, while protecting the privacy and anonymity, to better engage healthcare
professionals, patients and family caregivers.
– We are committed to deliver easy access, ethical integrity and continuous quality.
Our 2.0 webevent platform is a familiar environment designed to promote clarity, transparency
and quality.

Attendees can:

– develop a community and learn from it with surveys and polls,
– listen to healthcare professionnals,
– ask questions to address their needs,
– download relevant documents and watch videos,
– receive professional answers from medical experts.

Talos Health Solutions brings intelligence by collecting valuable information from the targeted audience by:

– assessing attitudes & behaviors
– awareness & understanding
this provides an actionable dashboard to better answer patient’s unmet needs and expectations.