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Our vision is to help practitioners by giving them freedom through effective solutions and tools, so that they can focus on their practice, the medical procedure. Tools by practitioners for practitioners.

Today, the practitioner and his team are facing a growing number of time-consuming administrative tasks and legal obligations.This leads to depression for more than 50% of them and a huge social loss.

The practitioner has to be independent and to keep for each patient a clear, complete and personal medical record, enabling him to ensure continuity of care, kept for 30 years in a safe place, while preserving medical confidentiality.

The practitioner loses almost half of his time to administrative tasks. There appears to be a need for a computerized patient record, but in what form …, while many use pen and paper or are too often offered the use of inappropriate interfaces that go against their independence, their security and the effective organization of their practice.

The practitioner is not accompanied in this technological evolution and take risks for all.

The first solutions : 3 synchronized softwares (Surgery Manager, RDV Manager and Anesthesia Manager). Focused on the practice of the liberal surgeon and his team, these softwares offer them a great freedom (respect of their habits of work), security (organization and ownership of files) and simplicity while saving more than 3 hours a day on administrative tasks (90% reduction of time). Beyond the doctors, benefits are also important for the secretaries (less stress), for clinics (finally complete, well written and standardized patient records), and patients (feel safer and happy that doctors can be more focused on them).

The impacts are numerous for all, the practice becomes more human and more serene, finally concentrated mainly on the medical and non-administrative act.