Contact person : Regis Plattard
Phone : +32 479 800 239

The mission of SUREST is to make it easier for chronic patients equipped with a smartphone to remember when to take their medication AND where to find their medication. Ultimately, mission  of SUREST is to propose a CARE PACKAGE FOR SMARTPHONE containing small items we have to think about every day.

What the Care Package is made of:

a smartphone slip-on container to store pills:  an additional pocket that you carry with you all day long without having to worry or think about where you pills are

made of robust materials to keep the pills safe inside

protected against temperature increases by the most technologically advanced thermic isolation component (Aerogel)*

Surely locked

designed and built with high quality materials to last longer than your smartphone.

The Care Package will be distributed in all majors western markets : UE, USA, AUS, JPN