Spectralys Biotech

Spectralys Biotech
Address : Bld du Triomphe, accès 2, CP206/2, - 1050 Brussels
Website : spectralysbiotech.com
Contact person : Allison Derenne
Phone : +3226505378
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Spectralys Biotech, an early stage ULB spin-off, offers innovative analytical solutions for therapeutic proteins based on a unique multi-parametric method leveraging infrared spectroscopy (FTIR).
Through one measurement, an infrared spectrum can provide a global and unique fingerprint of a sample. This sum of information is demonstrated to be very accurate and sensitive to subtle changes, but needs to be interpreted in such a way as to maximize the amount of information that can be retrieved. Over the last 10 years, our team has developed the expertise (patent filed), through one single measurement, to obtain information on 4 key parameters concerning protein structure and quantification:

  •      (i) higher order structure (absence of denaturation and aggregation);
  •      (ii) composition and quantification of post-translational modifications (glycosylations, oxidation, phosphorylations,…);
  •      (iii) overall protein concentration and
  •      (iv) quantification of key excipients such as detergents (Tween,…), stabilizing agents or lipids.

Depending on specific situations, gathering these data would require leveraging 3 to 4 distinct techniques and protocols today. Moreover, infrared spectroscopy allows to analyze protein structure and components in a precise, quick and direct manner (a couple of minutes), with limited sample volume (<50µg) and without need for extensive sample pre-treatment or recurring calibration. Thanks to these attributes, speed of measurement can be up to 3 to 10 times higher than with other techniques.

Given those strengths, our team has developed new analytical methods which are particularly relevant to study the stability of therapeutic proteins and to verify batch-to-batch consistency in-process as a PAT tool. Key applications of our technology include (i) accelerated stability testing for proteins in R&D phases, (ii) affordable comparability studies for early stage biosimilar candidates and (iii) multi-parametric batch-to-batch consistency testing of biodrugs in the production line. These methods can be transferred to the client location, ensuring real-time on-site and in-process information about key characteristics of the produced therapeutic proteins. We would be happy to share more details on concrete applications during a short presentation, at your best convenience.