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Contact person : Vincent DUPONT
Phone : +32 (478)52.25.27

European relocation service for medical record – primary care. Focus on B2C/B2B market.

PatientSupportR helps citizens embracing their own health, by offering them a relocation service to move safely their medical record from one general practitioner to another general practitioner across the EU Member States.

Today multiple citizens are constantly moving across the EU-27 Member States. Whether it’s for professional reasons or private reasons, citizens are strongly affected in how to move their medical record from one country to another. The COVID-19 pandemic outbreak has just accelerated how citizens, their family members embrace the need to take care of their digital health record. Our intention is to set up a service where a citizen is given the opportunity (at a certain rate) to take along his medical record in a digital format and to provide it to his new GP (General Practitioner) in the new resident country, where it can be uploaded in the Electronic Patient record system.

Our aim is to focus in a first place to the Netherlands – Belgium and vice versa, approximately 15.000 people (9.000 Dutch people moving to Belgium and vice versa 6.000 Belgian people) are having a relocation need. We will convert the standard file (e.g. from PMF in Belgium to MEDOVD in the NL) from the native medical record to another from the resident country. And vice versa.

Our GTM is scheduled for January 2nd, 2021 (exchange relocation services between BE and NL). In a second phase, we’ll extend our relocation services to the other EU Member States. France and Germany will be our next GTM countries, followed by the rest of the EU-27 countries.

  • PSR_Reloc (relocation service) => PRIMARY FOCUS !
  • PSR_Patient-Help (provision of explanation in patient-language of the health data by linking the coded data to dedicated patient language dictionaries)