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Address : Rue d'Alost, 7 - 1000 Brussels
Website : www.ouat.eu
Contact person : Matthieu Egloff
Vat : BE 0846 838 803

We are the digital transformation partner for companies in the life sciences industry.

With factories generating more data than ever before, we must transform our Human – Machine & Data interfaces if we want to reach operational excellence. By leveraging intuitive digital technologies we allow you to transform and simplify access to your factory data using our intuitive 3D visual platform HakoBio.

HakoBio allows you to easily create and exploit your factory’s digital twin. Using a product database of more than 600 equipment of various references, you can simulate the production process best fitting for your objectives throughout your entire factory lifecycle from process planning, to operator learning experiences and asset management.

Working alongside you within an iterative development process, we customize HakoBio to your specific needs while providing instant access to the platform, for you to start creating and exploiting your factory’s digital twin.