Opal Solutions

Address : Rue Louis de Geer, 6 - 1348 Rixensart
E-mail : xavier@opalsolutions.be
Website : www.opalsolutions.be
Contact person : Mr. Xavier Rouby
Phone : 0495 27 19 47
Vat : BE 0645 89 00 39

We are reinventing the management of nursing department in hospitals. It is non sense that in 2020 nurses and care takers spend more time on their computer than with patients. Opal Solutions aims at digitizing and automating processes, as well as collect and deliver data to smoothen the operations and the management of half of the staff of a hospital.

We created two SaaS platforms : Careboard and Interneo. Careboard is a decision support tool, measuring in real time the activity in care units, predicting the workload, acquiring the feedback and feelings from the professionals directly in the care units. Careboard has become a unique tool delivering high value insights for people and resources management. Careboard helps as well to support and empower the teams in care units.

The second platform is Interneo, a central tool for internship management in hospitals. Interneo gathers schools, hospitals and students, and manages thousands of internship every year. It reduces the administrative burden by 80%, saving some precious time and energy for nurses. Moreover, Interneo has become the #1 sourcing tool for recruitment of new collaborators in installed hospitals, for the nursing department.