Odyssey Fertility

Address : Bosdallaan , 37 - 1950 Kraainem
E-mail : jenifer@odysseyfertility.com
Website : www.odysseyfertility.com
Contact person : Jenifer KING
Phone : 32 493505433
Vat : BE0772.485.234

Odyssey is on a mission to change the approach to fertility healthcare. Through education and personalized support, we want to encourage individuals to be more proactive in terms of their fertility, and not to wait until they are faced with a problem to take action. To start this conversation, we sell a kit to check-in on your fertility hormones from the comfort of your own home. The kit provides the materials needed to take a small sample of blood (finger prick) and post it to our partner laboratory here in Belgium. Once results are ready, they will be put into a personalized report online on our platform, where you can learn more about your own fertility and gain a deeper understanding of your reproductive health. Further, we have midwives available for a consultation, to help you understand your report, discuss the results and guide you in the next steps of your reproductive journey.