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Contact person : Simon Desbarax
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Neveo is the brand new intergenerational communication facilitator.

Nowadays, in Europe, 80% of elder people do not use new communication technologies (Smartphones, Tablets or computers). On the other hand, using new technologies is democratized for families. It clearly exists a digital gap although ICT permit to reduce people isolation. Everybody in each family send messages, photos, emails or videos to each other. The only one who is not taking advantage of this network is your elder ! Neveo tends to improve intergenerational communication by proposing an innovative digital solution dedicated to elder people suffering from isolation and their family.

Neveo box connects elder people and their family by using communication channels, which are familiar to each of them: fixed phone lines and televisions for the elders, Smartphone or web for their families. Videophone calls, photos, videos exchanges or messages are becoming extremely easy to use for everybody!

How to use it?

Via your free Smartphone application or a dedicated website you will be able, in one click, to send messages, photos, videos or make videophone calls. Those will be directly transferred to your elder’s television and she will manage this information with a very simple remote control and his/her proper fixed phone.

Neveo can be installed on every single television and fixed phone line in the world in a very easy way (Plug and Play installation can be done in 5 minutes without possessing any technical background). It means that every single family in the world would be able to install the elder box and create their own network without particular technical help.

We tackle loneliness in old age by helping families that have disconnected elderly to stay in touch via a monthly family album composed by all their family members.

+1M photos received every month
+100.000 active contributors worldwide