My Medicoach

My Medicoach
Address : Rue des pères blancs, 4 - 1040 Brussels
Website :
Contact person : Jean-Edouard Stevens
Vat : BE 0500 695 489

Imagine you have back pain (like 30 % of the population) ?

You go to your GP and he prescribes you some medicine and one week off; than one month later, two weeks off and he sends you for an x-ray. The pain is still there, and you don’t know what you have and how to recover.

Will it get worse? Should you avoid moving ? Or should you be doing exercises or adapt gestures or postures? Nobody has told you. Dr Google might be able to help you, but there is too much text, lots of scary forums, and only a few illustrations.

Our goal is to empower the “patients” to take an ACTIVE role in their own health.

How? By proposing 3 tools in one website (
1. Animated films.
2. An app (mobile and desktop) to stimulate users to complete their daily physical exercises. Physiotherapists will be able to coach remotely their patients with this app.
3. A serious game (about ergonomics: gesture, posture etc.).

Our motto: “Knowledge will set you free, but it therefore has to be open.”
The main business model is the only one that will allow the knowledge to be free: “sponsoring”. Pfizer is our first client. There are also 2 other potential income sources for the future.
Addressing back pain is our first step. And after that, the range of possibilities is almost endless.