Address : Tomberg , 229 - 1200 Brussels
Website :
Contact person : Tanguy Van Regemorter
Vat : BE0843.606.921

Manecto is an innovation lab. We propose advices and technological expertise to stimulate the development of new products and the improve the efficiency of production tools and processes for SMEs and R&D department.

We help industries to accelerate their development and innovation processes using new methodologies (open innovation and co-creation) and new technologies (digital fabrication and modeling) that accelerate the products and services development that matches to the market.

More specifically, we help finding the right technology, the adapted materials and the efficient partners for the R&D project. We also provide advices to identify the best product/market fit through a strategic analysis of the market.

We focus on the following industries: chemical, pharma, material, production, medical devices.