LTSM Systems

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Contact person : Eduardo Lopez Estraviz

The main goal of LTSM Systems is the commercialization of a sleep apnea home monitoring device. Our product has as unique selling proposition a higher simplicity and lower price than the current home sleep monitors in the market.

Sleep apnea is an sleep disorder that is diagnosed by using a sleep monitor that records multiple parameters during sleep. The recordings are performed either in a hospital environment or at home. Home sleep monitors require a much higher simplicity in order to be reliably used by the patient.

Sleep apnea is considered an important factor for morbidity and mortality due to its direct effect on the cardiovascular system. It is estimated that 20% of the population in developed countries suffers from sleep disorders. Sleep apnea counts for more than one third of the cases.

The market for medical devices for chronic conditions will experiment a continuous growth in the coming years due to the increasing life expectancy in developed societies (18% of Belgians are over 65).