Lemma Factory

Address : Rue Fernand Bernier , 15 - 1060 Brussels
E-mail : fanny.oliveira@lemmafactory.com
Website : www.linkedin.com/in/fannyoliveira/
Contact person : Fanny Oliveira

Words, connections, life.

Our mission is to make language accessible throughout life, using technology and artificial intelligence.

We innovate to give thousands of people around the world access to words, thus enable them to learn, work and maintain social ties.

Our first solution is an Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) solution, more specifically an assistive communication software, intended to improve the communication of persons with restricted or impeded communication capabilities.

This is done by enabling users to compose sentences by selecting pictograms, with the automatic production of grammatical structures necessary to build such sentence (such as – and not limited to – automatic conjugation, addition of determinants, coordinations between conjunctions, pronoun computation and reordering…). Moreover, artificial intelligence included in the software enables the user interface to adapt to the patients’ communication habits.