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Keshi is an innovative mobile game in augmented realitý designed to provide very young children with good protective automatisms in nutrition and physical activity to prevent the risks of overweight and obesity. Intuitive and without text, international, it is based on a new learning concept that we have named “inductive game” to clearly distinguish it from the classic educational game. Its distinctive features are its “move to play” function and the limitation of daily play time to 20 minutes. Its business model is also innovative and relies on communication networks (institutions, corporate partners, school and medical networks) that make the difference with entertainment video games that are its competitors in the sharing of children’s leisure time.

Keshi has been developed for over two years in collaboration with the multidisciplinary team of the Junior Weight Clinic (HUDERF), Brussels.


Jean-Pierre SNYERS, Founder-CEO

Basic medical training. ULg. Degree in social communication IHECS.
Post-graduate degree in management and marketing. CEPAC. Solvay Business School.
Creator and manager of communication agencies. Designer and organizer of road safety campaigns for “Responsible Young Drivers”. Former teacher of motivation, Ecoles Saint Luc. Communication advisor for Belgian political parties.
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Thérèse BOOGAERTS, Partner

Engineer in applied mathematics. Experience in software development management, service management and helpdesk management, subcontracting, business development. Founder of (Boost your Business, France). Certified sports instructor Lesmills RPM, Zumba kid. Confronted in the field with the problem of child obesity, poor nutrition and “social handicap”. Mum.
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