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Utile games has been working for 3 years with a major pediatric university center *on an innovative solution to combat the epidemic of childhood obesity around the world.

The aim is to improve the quality of life of tomorrow’s citizens by reducing the rate of overweight (33% of young Americans), which leads to serious chronic diseases in 40 to 50% of adults, depending on the country. And to preserve the future economic balance of national public health systems

Keshi: innovative mobile video games to create in children from 5 years old the right dietary and physical reflexes to prevent the risks of overweight and disease that threaten one child out of 5 in our regions and more elsewhere. Keshi’s innovative pedagogical approach, intuitive, non-“educational” (alternative pedagogies, Montessori) creating reflexes linked to the positive emotions of autonomous exploration of the food universe.

Prevention tool for all children >5 years old, before the bad habits that lead to overweight.

Playful force of the game play (universal theme of the doll) for massive and international diffusion, supported by national health authorities.

There are also many areas of daily life that could benefit from the power of “Inductive” video games for prevention: for example, home accidents, road accidents (I created the first game of this type on the internet in 2000 for RYDs), stop smoking, weight control, recycling habits, civility, and if there had been time, a game for wearing the anti-Covid mask and other good behaviors would have contributed to the crisis.

Most important is the ability of these games to collect Data (in compliance with RGPD) to feed research and ultimately AI.

* A scientific research (12 months) of the Queen Fabiola Children’s University Hospital – Junior Weight Clinic (multidisciplinary team )is  programmed as soon as the pandemic allows it.