Address : Avenue Louise , 54 - 1050 Brussels
E-mail : segolene@kantify.com
Website : www.kantify.com
Contact person : Segolene MARTIN
Phone : +32 2 808 48 77
Vat : 0628 692 731

Kantify is a Belgian-based Machine Learning solution development company, recognized for its excellence in Machine Learning and AI. One of our core pillars of activity is medtech, where we help companies accelerate with Artificial Intelligence.



Our mission and expertise is to build “AI For Humans”, i.e AI that can be understood, accepted, and that delivers value to its users.



  • Recognized AI expertise and performance in terms of excellence, agility and speed
  • Track record in medtech
  • World-first in cardiology with the AI Laboratory of the Université Libre de Bruxelles (development of a performing model to predict atrial fibrillation).


We help our customers in 3 ways:

1 – Roadmaps : we help you understand if your data is ready for an AI use, and define the right technical direction based on regulatory and technical constraints.

2 – Proofs of Concept: we start the modelling work. We develop a fast track initial AI model to help you confirm the predictive value of your data and get prepared for deployment.

3 – AI-powered solutions : we develop, pilot and deploy a full AI solution for a use in ‘production’.