Innovation Sprint

Address : (BLSI) Clos Chapelle-aux-Champs,, 30 - bte 1.30.30 - 1200 Brussels
Website :
Contact person : Kyriazakos Sofoklis
Phone : 02 880 6290
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Vat : 0648.786.874

Innovation Sprint Sprl is an SME that has been launched in 2016 from innovation experts, offering bespoke services to companies and organizations that seek to pivot and add value to their products and services in the digital era. Innovation Sprint offers professional services by senior consultants with multidisciplinary skills for tailor-made solutions to satisfy demanding needs. The offering of the company includes insights & analytics services for several business sectors and lean startup practices for the provision of actionable data to facilitate innovation management. The company partners are serial entrepreneurs with experience in M&A and access to venture capitalists and private equity investors. The targeted clients of Innovation Sprint Sprl are health organizations, including hospitals, day centers, pharmaceuticals and insurance companies.


The services offered by the company are:

– Consulting – professional services by senior consultants with multidisciplinary skills

– Tailor-mate solutions – design of customized Web-/mobile-solutions and enterprise systems

– Insights & Analytics – advanced insights & analytics services for several business sectors

– Innovation Management – innovation management process following Lean Startup practices

– Web marketing – dissemination of products and services

– R&D –  activities to excel with edge-technologies

– Project management – advanced project management practices for agile development

– M&A services – business planning and M&A for innovative solutions


The products of Innovation Sprint Sprl are focused around the eHealth/eCare sector:

Cloud Care 2U: an open-source based product for advanced cloud services to seniors with several chronic diseases and frailty. The product is highly customizable to result in a high degree of personalization to meet demanding needs for active assisted living.


Actionable Health 360: is service toolkit that aims to transform the healthcare landscape by leveraging and demonstrating Big Data Analytics derived from Health Organizations and Patients in order to: address the challenges of National Health Systems; improve the effectiveness and quality of our healthcare; reduce Health organizations costs by optimizing processes; provide actionable Big Data analytics for efficient decision making and help Health organizations become data-driven, following a step-by-step approach and methodology in order to conclude into digital health solutions partners.