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Address : Square Coghen, 15 - 1180 Brussels
Contact person : Mr. Edward KAHHALEH
Vat : 0747.891.972

iMedSolutions is a Brussels-based start-up founded by two orthopedic surgeons.

Its vision is to ‘’Make Doctors’ Life Easier’’.

It aims to accomplish it by reducing the professional burden of doctors and finding solutions to complex and time consuming tasks.

Its first web-based solution,, is an online platform that houses all the worthy information for orthopedic surgeons, ranging from commercial products, to scientific content. A synchronized agenda connects the users to all important scientific and commercial events worldwide. It intends to be the go-to website for all practitioners and patients in the orthopedic surgery field.

Driven by a strong will to bring back the practitioner to its center role as a caregiver, the team behind iMedsolutions works continuously on developing other solutions in the scope of its mission that eventually benefits the healthcare system as a whole.