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IDRO aims to become a global leader in the field of wearable biochemical sensing.

Founded as a spin-off from KTH University in Stockholm, Kinetic Analysis B.V. a Dutch data science company and EIT Digital they established in Brussels since 2020.

After extensive tests with Olympic athletes, the first service that IDRO provides is to give insight in real-time lactate values from monitoring sweat. In the summer of 2021, our smart sweat sensing patch will be available to purchase for a B2B market. Also, new carriers for our sensing modules become available in garment.

The beachhead market is elite athletes that use lactate measurements to optimize their training schedules. Also, the market of amateur endurance athletes (runners/ cyclists) will have access to IDRO’s sensing modules from 2021/2022.

Besides sports, the lactate sensing patch is used to early detect pressure ischemia (decubitus) and other medical conditions. Clinical research with our academic network is currently enrolled.

Please contact IDRO for any collaboration in the field of biochemical sensing involving micro fluids, sports science or medical applications that involve wearable sweat monitoring.