Heart Kinetics

Address : Rue Auguste Piccard, , 48 - 6041 Gosselies
E-mail : pierre-francois@heartkinetics.com
Website : www.heart-kinetics.com
Contact person : Pierre-Françcois Migeotte

HeartKinetics aims at revolutionizing the existing model of cardiac disease management. We offer fast remote and actionable cardiac data with the Kino-cardiograph (Kino): a non-invasive monitoring solution born from space research.

Kino is a combination of rhythm, cardiac strength and hemodynamic assessment solution connected securely to the cloud and our artificial intelligence.

Our AI analytics provides parameters closely related to the ejection fraction and cardiac strain; all measures that would require a trained operator and expensive Ultrasound Echo-cardiograph machine.

The Kino received the 1st Prize of innovation at the European Society of Cardiology – EHRA meeting (June 2017).

We are seeking partnership with: Clinical research teams specialized in heart failure, cardiac rehabilitation, Infarction, coronary artery disease; pharma industry, payers and private investors willing to share our vision and ready to help us achieve our goals.