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Address : Clos Chapelle aux Champs , 1.30.30 - 1200 Brussels
Website :
Contact person : Erard le Beau de Hemricourt
Phone : +32 477 28 69 00 / +32 476 24 10 86
Vat : BE 0848 466 027

Esperity is the first multilingual cancer patient community , aiming at empowering patients worldwide, allowing them to keep track of their health evolution during treatment, list their biomarkers, exchange information with similar patients and become aware about open clinical trials. Esperity is connecting to wearables too, this allows more objective data to be captured. Aggregated data will be used to understand the relation between lifestyle and treatment outcome. A next step would be the coupling with services that provide biomarkers measurements. By aggregating individual dynamic data from various sources, Esperity aims to come up with a model that allows predictions of treatment efficacy.