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Contact person : Laurent Dollé

Managing the cold chain is important to maintain sample integrity and quality during delivery. Blood and other biological materials, and also pharmaceuticals are extremely sensitive and become less effective or even potentially harmful for patients when exposed to temperatures outside their recommended transportation range.

Nowadays, everything moves: people, goods and data; so why not blood, organs or any other healthcare products by the use of drones?

The last two decades have seen the rise of drones in a wide variety of areas, such as inspection, surveillance and agriculture.
Advances in the fields of miniaturization, energy storage, electronic control systems and communication have made it possible to multiply innovative applications.
The transport sector is concerned with the arrival of this new actor because it can help to reduce the impact of pollution, traffic jams.

At Drone4Care, we are reinventing the operational efficiency in transportation and distribution of healthcare products by using Drones to improve the quality of patient care, scientific research and the healthcare system as a whole.

Drone4Care is a Belgium future-oriented innovation start-up with the objective of addressing a huge societal challenge in the healthcare sector: mobility of health matters.


Value proposition:

Offer real-time global track and trace for a safe and fast distribution of your vulnerable and precious goods


Real-time parcel tracking, parcel delivery, temperature-control logistics

Target markets:

Hospitals, clinics, big pharma, IVD companies, universities, cold-chain logistics, package/freight delivery industry, high-tech industry, automotive industry, cosmetic industry, food industry, insurances…