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Contact person : Anne-Catherine Mailleux
Phone : 0496788933
Vat : BE0502974197

Our goal: to offer effective and toxic-free products against pest such as insects or mites. We want people to feel good in their houses, in the office, without any insects and without any toxics.

Domobios is a research and development company, specialized in the fight against insects and mites.

In the war against insects, chemical control was already used at the time of ancient Greece. Indeed, 3 millennia ago, sulphur and arsenic were used as insecticides. Then, as time went on, other toxics were added to the arsenal of chemical insecticides, which kept on growing as agriculture intensified.

It is well-known now, these toxins have an impact on animal and human health, and on the environment. Sometimes these toxins completely miss their goal, because their target, the insect pest, is little known and/or poorly understood. Finally, the fact that insects become resistant to these toxins increasingly limits their effectiveness.

At Domobios, we have therefore chosen not to focus on chemical control. We decided to study our enemy, the pest, well before trying to eliminate it. Each species, bedbugs, mites, cockroaches, has been observed and its behaviour has been studied for several years.  Our researchers study the target animals, their biology, their needs, their environment. Our traps have been submitted to numerous effectiveness tests.

Currently, our products are sold in Europe.

The result: Our traps are more effective and better suited to their target. They contribute effectively to the elimination of allergenic mites, bed bugs, roaches.