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Devroye Instrument
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Contact person : Locatelli Valérie
Phone : 02/8807064
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Devroye Instruments is a medical device company specialized in hair transplantation products based in Brussels, Belgium. Our company sells hair transplantation devices across the world. For the past five years, Dr. Jean Devroye has been providing high-quality devices for the Hair Restoration Society. Innovative, passionate, and experienced, Dr. Jean Devroye developed his own motorized system and devices to extract follicular grafts. The WAW FUE System is designed for hair transplant surgeons, eager to reach top-notch quality FUE results. We are always striving for excellence, which is why we provide a wide range of hair transplant equipment that is powered by the most advanced technology.

Our tagline: Precision. Innovation. Quality.

We currently have two versions of the waw fue system: Classic version (wired) and the new Wireless version (coming soon)

The system is sharp enough to dissect the epidermis and dull enough to isolate the follicular unit from the adjacent tissue with minimal damage.

The serrated hybrid tornado punch on which Dr. Devroye has the patent is unique among all the equipment designs available today. Due to its unique hybrid shape (sharp on the outer edge and blunt on the inner edge), it consistently produces top-quality grafts, minimizes wounding, causes less trauma, results in fewer missing grafts, and lowers the transection rate by <5%.

We have international clients from all over the world i.e., USA, UK, Europe, Australia, and some parts of Asia and we are trying to strengthen our presence across Europe, Asia, Latin America, Australia, etc.