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Phone : Azzeddine Marsou
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D-Health believes that healthcare deserves tools that are as modern, well-designed, and easy-to-use as the ones encountered elsewhere in our daily lives.

Our mission is therefore to support the healthcare sector in their digital transformation by focusing on the development of innovative solutions for care professionals, but also for the patients.

Our solution is intended to help healthcare professionals to make their day to day jobs more efficient and effective while collaborating directly with the patients to support them in their care path.

D-Health provides an innovative, fully cross-platform and responsive EPR for residential and ambulatory care facilities as well as retirement homes.

With its modern, intuitive and unique user interface in the market, specially designed for healthcare professionals and patients, D-Health’s digital solution – LIFELINE – helps healthcare teams boost their efficiency and adapt to mobile missions, especially for the long-term care, mental health or revalidation.




The LIFELINETM software has been developed “by design” considering the following requirements:

  • Similar functionalities as traditional EPRs while maximizing the user experience
  • Simple, clear and precise interface based on the latest UI-UX principles
  • Mobile, real time sync and available on any digital device (desktop, tablet or smartphone)
  • Designed for multidisciplinary use
  • Electronic and structured data sharing with Regional Hubs and safes
  • Interoperability based on HL7 standards of communication

A fine-grained customization in roles and permissions enabling the users to really customize the application to their needs.

Last but not least, D-Health empowers the patient in his care path by granting him a tailored access to the application: visualization of important information (personal information, contact persons, medication plan, care and scheduled appointments …), interaction with his referents …