Address : Witte Patersstraat , 4 - 1040 Brussels
E-mail : info@cellsine.com
Website : www.cellsine.com
Contact person : Verguts Sven

CellSine develops advanced electrical impedance based technology and provides it as a versatile tool to the agricultural, cosmetic, medical and pharmaceutical businesses.
Here it enables its users to explore new ways to study microbiological behavior and open new opportunities to expand their knowledge about the systems they study.
The goal of CellSine is to keep on expanding its portfolio of applications to make its technology available to all biology related industries, enabling them to develop better and safer products for all of us.
With its I series devices as its first product, CellSine offers a versatile impedance measuring platform for the monitoring a variety of microbiological systems such as in vitro cell cultures, bacterial biofilms, proteins and many more.
CellSine’s first expansions are aimed at the agritech (milk quality monitoring) and medtech (diagnostics) fields and are already under development.