Address : Rue de l’Association, 15 - 1000 Brussels
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Contact person : Mrs. Aline Godart
Phone : 02 880 29 80
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Active in Brussels, BRUSANO is a pluralistic and bicommunal service for the coordination and support of front-line health professionals. This support also concerns the articulation with all health and social workers. The final beneficiaries are all people in need of care in Brussels, especially people in complex situations or at the end of life.

Through its actions, BRUSANO pursues 4 objectives:

  • READABILITY OF THE SYSTEM – The citizen and the professional in Brussels can easily find the information about the services and offers they need, at the moment they need them, taking into account subsidiarity (step-up care) including territorial.
  • COORDINATION AND MULTIDISCIPLINARITY – Each person with a chronic and/or complex care situation benefits from coordinated, interdisciplinary care and assistance in which he/she and his/her close caregivers are partners. Continuity of services and information is ensured.
  • ACCESSIBILITY AND VULNERABILITIES – People living in situations of extreme poverty, particular vulnerabilities linked to their living conditions or risky behaviors, and particularly socially discriminated people, have access to the care and assistance they need.
  • NEIGHBORHOOD APPROACH – Every inhabitant of Brussels can find the services they need as close as possible to where they live. The neighborhood is a place of social support and solidarity, through its formal and informal actors.