Axiles Bionics

Address : Avenue des crocus, , 9 - 1070 Anderlecht
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Contact person : Pierre Cherelle

Axiles Bionics aims at improving the quality of life of lower limb amputees by bringing the newest generation bionic feet to the market.

75.000 people in Europe undergo a major lower limb amputation every year. Besides the traumatic experience of undergoing an amputation, these people continue to suffer from the inefficiencies of current prosthetic ankle-foot devices. These prosthetic devices are either unable to restore a normal gait and posture to the patients (99%) or are much to expensive (1%).

For the last 10 years, researchers at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) have been studying human biomechanics in order to mimic its behaviour in intelligent robotic systems. It is this research that has finally led to the development of the next generation Bionic foot: the AMP-Foot. This prosthetic ankle-foot prosthesis is capable of bringing back a natural gait and posture during daily life activities, being flexible and highly responsive to the person’s intention and to the environment, and both adapt and assist during efforts by compensating for the lost leg muscles.

A few videos to illustrate the project with the AMP-Foot 4 Prototype :

The AMP-Foot 4 on treadmill :

The AMP-Foot 4 free walking :

Comparison between regular prosthesis and AMP-Foot :