Address : Boskouter, 15 - 3000 Leuven
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Contact person : Mr. Marko Topalovic
Vat : 0720.636.061

The mission of ArtiQ is to empower medical practitioners with artificial intelligence to accurately and timely diagnose, treat, and monitor patients with respiratory diseases.

ArtiQ is a young, dynamic and innovative spin-off company of the University of Leuven (Belgium). Company is founded in early 2019 by four committed founders with a long history in respiratory medicine, medical devices and artificial intelligence.

Today, ArtiQ is present on the hospital market with AI-based CE-marked medical software, ArtiQ.PFT, already used for the pulmonary function test interpretation and diagnostic assessment of almost 60.000 patients.

ArtiQ recently launched a second product, ArtiQ.QC, an AI-based software to help pharmaceutical companies improve the quality, speed up and increase the success chance of their clinical trials for respiratory problems.