Address : Chaussée Verte, 93B - 4470 Saint-Georges-sur-Meuse
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Contact person : Niclaes Christophe
Phone : +32 4 233 37 03
Vat : BE0674.810.489

Altaneos is an electronic and embedded software design house that helps industrials to create and sell innovative products of high technology.

Either your are an industrial actor, a start-up company or a Spin-off company, Altaneos is your valued partner for operations such as analysis, Research & Development, consultancy, industrialization and manufacturing of electronic equipments and real-time embedded software.

At each stage of your innovative product development, Altaneos is happy to bring its valued technical skills to ensure that your product will make the difference and reach your commercial objectives in the best conditions.

Medical Devices are one of our key activity sectors where domain-specific design rules and certification path (e.g. CE or FDA marking) requires long term experience and early advices for the success of projects.

Throughout the creation steps involved in the conception of a new product, Altaneos provides services tailored to the various stages of the project: Analysis (feasibility, budget and planning, critical technology selection, …), Research & Development (schematic design, PCB design prototyping, embedded software, mobile apps, mechanical integration, …), Industrialization (CE, FCC, UL marking, production test benches, …) and Consultancy (diagnostic on existing products, certification advices, debugging sessions, …)

Weither you are a start-up, a spin-off or a well-established Medical Device manufacturer, whatever is the maturity stage of your new product, we can provide you with the right technical skills to make your innovative project a reality.