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AirWaterLab is specialized in technical and digital innovations. We’re developing a sanitary security system. In other words, an Active Air Quality Management System.

A system that includes Monitoring, Detection and Countermeasure activation. We are developing this All-in-One solution and we named it AirShield.

Targeted Markets:

Indoor air quality management is a real concern.

Office and public spaces are concerned with welcoming their guests… with safety and comfort.

Industrials want to keep control of the risk of employee exposure to hazardous substances. not to mention the impact of air quality on products.

Real Estate Developers are so to say “obliged” to think of compliance with upcoming regulations and techniques.

At the moment, all these sectors are confronted with what is available on the market.

There are only complex and fragmented solutions.

For obvious reasons of efficiency and to really master the costs of acquisition we decided to go for a B2B approach as early adopters have already shown their concrete interest.

We focused first on addressing the pains of the real estate developers. Regulation in terms of indoor air quality management is coming in 2025. Every new or renovated building will need to be equipped with a proper indoor air quality management system.

Products, Services and R&D

AirShield is composed of these systems that integrate with each other forming the first sanitary security system available on the market.

  • The detection with air sensors (real pathogen detector) that sends the info to the controller.
  • This controller activates the right countermeasure (Filtration or Sterilization) only when needed.

We’ll make this call to action visible in a proprietary Air Quality Index.

  • Our system will collect generic anonymized data (with AI integrated) to be able to detect proactively & by areas, potential threats.
  • It will alert authorities way in advance, allowing them to take real and effective measures in time in order to smooth the potential increase of the contamination rates.

AirWaterLab will deliver these products to its clients and offer a subscription that will not only include the maintenance of the AirShield system but also the access to data (dashboard) that will gather measurements of potential risks over time, history of these data, history of countermeasures activation and the “real time” index available in a mobile application or through a screen installed at entrance of building, floors, rooms or open spaces.

Every HVAC quality manager will also have access to a complete web platform where he will be able to visualize the right functioning of the whole system.

Finally, we have the intention to share anonymized but very interesting statistics with any public authorities that will request them. AirShield participates therefore in the effort to lower future risk of pandemics.