Address : Boulevard A. Reyers, , 80 - 1030 Brussels
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Contact person : Carole Absil
Phone : +32 2 706 80 02

Agoria is the federation for the technology industry. Agoria is Belgium’s largest employers’ organization and trade association and is financed by member contributions.

Our members are our driving force

Agoria is the partner of more than 1.600 companies in the technology industry. The federation’s 230 employees provide the members with information, services and advice.

Our members are our strength

Agoria doesn’t let the strength of its member companies go to waste. We help to shape policy at regional, Federal and European level in a bid to improve the social and economic climate for companies in the technology industry.

The health sector is an important market for about 170 Agoria’s member companies.

Those companies manufacture, develop and sale:

  • Electromedical devices and medical technologies
  • ICT solutions (eHealth)
  • Industrial solutions for hospitals, the pharma and labo industry
  • Commodities and consumer goods

The Medical Technology Club aims to promote the Belgian expertise and know-how in the medical and health field and to identify and create business opportunities for its members with a view to sell their products, solutions and services worldwide.